table of contents for Turning the Tied

The charity anthology Turning the Tied is available for preorder at Amazon, and will go on sale in mid-March. All proceeds from the anthology will benefit the World Literacy Foundation. The book has stories by some great media tie-in writers, writing about various characters that are in the public domain.

We’ve now got a final table of contents!

  • Introduction by Raymond Benson
  • Mina Harker: “Formerly, Miss Mina Murray” by Greg Cox
  • Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of Leonardo’s Smile” by Max Allan Collins & Matthew V. Clemens
  • Kit Carson & Allan Quatermain: “Inappropriate Allies” by David Boop
  • Ayesha: “In Earth and Sky and Sea Strange Things There Be” by Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • John Carter: “The Death Song of Dwar Guntha” by Jonathan Maberry
  • Hua Mulan: “Building Bridges” by Rigel Ailur
  • Frida Kahlo: “Paraíso” by Yvonne Navarro
  • Sinbad: “A Model Sailor” by Aaron Rosenberg
  • Tales of Asgard: “The Trials of Baldur” by Will McDermott
  • Hopalong Cassidy: “Behind the Tonto Rim” by Jeff Mariotte
  • The Worlds of H.G. Wells: “In the Time of the Martians” by Scott Pearson
  • Ozma of Oz: “A Prisoner Freed in Oz” by Marsheila Rockwell
  • Space Patrol: “The Comet Cannon of Planet X” by Robert Vardeman
  • Octobriana: “The Magic of Nadia” by Weston Ochse
  • The Cats of Ulthar: “The Truth About the Cats of Ulthar” by Jennifer Brozek
  • Herne the Hunter: “Children of the Wild” by Tim Waggoner
  • Dracula: “Blood of Dracula” by Stephen D. Sullivan
  • Sherlock Holmes: “A Study in Crimson” by Derek Tyler Attico
  • Dr. Nikola: “Legacy” by Robert Greenberger
  • War of the Worlds: “Loose Threads” by Ben H. Rome
  • “Cyrano de Bergerac and Baron Munchausen Go to Mars” by Steven Paul Leiva
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: “What Men Ruin, We Shall Raise” by Kelli Fitzpatrick
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past: “Let Nothing You Dismay” by Jean Rabe
  • Frankenstein’s Monster: “Catfather” by Nancy Holder
  • A Word from the President by Jonathan Maberry

I’ve read some of the stories, and they’re all wonderful. (Also, Robert Vardeman gets the award for best title.) Can’t wait for folks to be able to read this in March…

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