Friday fanfare: “Then the Music Begins”

In the 1990s, I was part of a rock/blues/country group called the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Players. We started out as a trio — me on percussion, Peter J. Heck on lead guitar and vocals, David M. Honigsberg on rhythm guitar and vocals. Pete and David would trade lead vocals on various songs, and were sometimes joined by Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg on violin or viola, Rik Cleary on bass, and Eric Raymond on flute.

We cut a CD in 1996 entitled TKB, with Alexandra, Rik, and Nat Andreassi on drums joining in. Rik and Alexandra would eventually formally join the band, and then Pete left, replaced by Steven L. Rosenhaus. Steve is also a songwriter, and plays guitar and mandolin, and with this lineup in place, joined by Tom Laubenthal on drums, we recorded our second CD, Blues Spoken Here, in 1999. Rik quit the band after we cut the CD, and we went through a bunch of bass players and drummers over the next year and a half before we called it quits in 2000.

Steve and David both recorded solo albums after that, and Steve was kind enough to ask me to sit in on percussion on three tracks on his A Man Like Me. Here’s one of them, “Then the Music Begins,” a hauntingly beautiful number with some great Spanish guitar work and a bongo beat I’m particularly pleased with. Check it out…..

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