Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Bliss”

Voyager detects a wormhole to Earth that seems too good to be true — and it totally is. Sadly, there’s no Admiral Ackbar to warn them that it’s a trap set by a telepathic creature that wants to eat Voyager, but there are Seven of Nine, Naomi Wildman, and the EMH, who join forces with an alien trying to stop the creature to save the day. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch feels a whole lotta “Bliss.”

An excerpt:

Still the episode feels bizarrely inconsequential. Seeing the Stepford crew of Voyager gleefully barreling toward this fake wormhole is cute for about a minute, but it drags on far too long. By so totally falling for the creature’s deception, it makes the crew look incredibly ineffectual. It would’ve been nice to see some confusion or resistance—from Tuvok, if nothing else, given his Vulcan suppression of his emotions and his Vulcan telepathy.

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