second shot, no waiting

Weather as metaphor: Three weeks ago when Wrenn and I got our first shot of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at Yankee Stadium, it was 30 degrees and snowing. Today, when we got shot #2, it was 70 degrees and sunny.

And it went even more smoothly. Three weeks ago, one of the people working the vaccine center at the Stadium very loudly recommended that we come back to get our second shot some time in the afternoon, as it’s always less crowded then. Sure enough, we got there at 2.20 or so, and there was no line, no waiting. They checked us in right away, there was no line for the metal detector or to get in or to check in at the computer station or to get the shot. It went as fast as humanly possible, and it was just as smooth as it was last time.

Once again, I must sing the praises of the fine folks at SOMOS Community Care and the military personnel who were assisting in keeping things running smoothly.

Now we wait two weeks for the full immunization to take effect. And then we can almost start acting human again…………

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