a brief history of Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the comics

In anticipation of the new MCU Disney+ series that debuts on Friday (and which I’ll be reviewing for Tor dot com), I wrote a brief history of both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in the comics. Falcon was created in 1969 and Bucky in 1941, so as you might imagine there’s a lot of history, plus both of these erstwhile partners to Captain America have also been Captain America at different times.

An excerpt:

While the front stories of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the MCU track pretty well with the comics, the backstories have been significantly changed. Sam Wilson is a social worker in the comics, not an ex-soldier, and his wings came from Wakanda rather than the U.S. Army. And the Bucky Barnes of the comics didn’t meet Steve Rogers until after he became Captain America. His MCU role as his childhood friend basically tacked the role of Arnold Roth, introduced in Captain America Vol. 1 #286 by [J.M.] DeMatteis & [Mike] Zeck (1982) as the guy who defended scrawny Steve Rogers from bullies, onto Bucky.

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