new on Patreon!

Here’s what I’ve put on my Patreon in March:

  • $1/month and up: reviews of Space Sweepers and of four sports movies (The Karate Kid, The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, and The Great White Hype)
  • $2/month and up: 34 cat pictures (including some guest cats!)
  • $5/month and up: reviews of The Boys season two and The West Wing season four
  • $7/month and up: five excerpts from All-the-Way House
  • $10/month and up: the Super City Cops vignette “Collateral Damage” and the Dragon Precinct vignette “Existential Crisis”
  • $20/month: first looks at all five chapters of All-the-Way House

Plans for April including more West Wing season overviews, more TV reviews (I’ve got a huge backlog), a review of Coming 2 America, excerpts and finished chapters from Feat of Clay, and tons of cat pictures (including a few more guest animals!).

You’re really missing out on a ton of cool stuff if you don’t support me!

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