The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s “Power Broker”

We get Madripoor, but we don’t actually get the Power Broker. We get Zemo, but we don’t ever see Sam Wilson suit up as the Falcon. We see some nasty consequences for Sharon Carter, but they may not be as bad as we think. And John Walker may actually be as big a dick as his comics counterpart. Lots of stuff happening in the third episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

An excerpt:

This entire episode is about consequences, and I adore it for that reason. It starts with a hearts-and-flowers ad for the Global Repatriation Council that is trying to reintegrate the half of humanity who got dusted by Thanos and were returned five years later by the Hulk. It’s immediately followed by a GRC strike force led by John Walker that is trying and failing to locate the Flag Smashers. The GRC doesn’t come across very well here, not only having SWAT teams and such, but also the Flag Smashers target a GRC storehouse that has a ton of food and medical supplies just sitting there not being given to the refugees in their care. For that matter, we learn one of the reasons for Karli Morgenthau’s founding of the Flag Smashers: her mother Donya contracted tuberculosis in one of the GRC’s refugee centers.

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