Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Relativity”

It’s a wacky time-travel adventure with Seven of Nine, aided by three different versions of Janeway, plus the guys who played D-Day in Animal House and Dutch on The Shield. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch suffers from “Relativity.”

An excerpt:

Three is that it’s fantastic to watch Janeway (with the bun again!) touring her new command for the first time. Kate Mulgrew’s kid-on-Christmas-morning enthusiasm is infectious. And it was great seeing Carey again, though the fact that we haven’t seen him in the present since season one is frustrating (it was a great opportunity to show him in both timelines, too!). It’s only too bad they didn’t get Scott Jaeck or Alicia Coppola or one of the other crewmembers who died in “Caretaker” to show up, though that would require that the producers remember that there were crewmembers who died when they fell down the Caretaker’s rabbit hole, which they haven’t remembered since halfway through the pilot episode, so why start now? (Yes, I keep harping on this. No, I won’t stop.)

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