stuff I’ve posted to Patreon in April

If you don’t support my Patreon, here’s what you missed in April:

  • $1/month and up: a review of Coming to America and its sequel Coming 2 America
  • $2/month and up: 22 cat pictures (including some bonus cats and a bonus dog!)
  • $5/month and up: a TV roundup review of Avenue 5, Bonding season 2, Kingdom, The Newroom, and The Kominsky Method
  • $7/month and up: two excerpts from Feat of Clay and two excerpts from All-the-Way House
  • $10/month and up: a vignette featuring Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet
  • for all patrons: commentary featuring my thoughts on the “First Contact Day” Star Trek announcements that CBS/Paramount made

I’m hoping that May will have some more drafts of chapters from Feat of Clay for the $20/month folks. Not sure what the May movie review will be, but I’ve (as always) got a huge backlog of TV shows to review. And the May vignette will be either Bram Gold or Super City Cops.

So come on over and support me! You’ll be glad you did!

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