Jupiter’s Legacy is a huge disappointment

There’s a lot of superhero TV shows and movies out there. Sadly, Jupiter’s Legacy — the inaugural entry in Netflix’s multiseries deal with Mark Millar — does nothing to make it stand out. The story is disjointed, the pacing is awful, the acting is scattershot, and mostly it just reminds you of other stories that did these things better. My review at Tor.com…

An excerpt:

The problems here are legion, starting with the very setup. The original members of the Union are all older, though they have aged much more slowly, so they only seem to be in their 50s or 60s even though they’re all closer to 150. (Hilariously, most of the actors are older than they’re supposed to be in 1929, but are younger than they look in 2021, and so have to be modified in some way, either with latex, whitening of hair, or both, to look older in the modern-day portions.) And many of the heroes have children, who are also super-powered, and who all appear to be in their twenties.

So, to start with, the show is asking us to believe that these people, who lived in an era long before readily available birth control or legal abortion, had no children for five decades, then all of a sudden all decided to procreate in the 1990s?

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