Tuesday’s dead

Busy week. We’re in the home stretch of The Four ???? of the Apocalypse Kickstarter, and we’re 130% funded and hoping to add some nifty stretch goals, not the least of which is a story by Seanan McGuire.

Speaking of crowdfunds, I’m finally working on the second of the two stories I crowdfunded on Indie GoGo ages ago, “Ragnarok and a Hard Place,” which will also be the title of the second collection containing tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet.

Also on the docket this week is to finish a bible for a series of science fiction stories I’ll be doing as a sort-of game tie-in — more on this when it’s announced — and revisions on Pigman, my second collaboration with Dr. Munish K. Batra, which is a medical thriller not related to Animal. Plus there’s the rewatch of Voyager‘s “Spirit Folk,” an episode that is, um, not good.

There’s also medical stuff this week. Yesterday, I had a long overdue appointment with an orthopedist. My knees have sucked since — well, since forever. They were especially bad in my mid-thirties, but then I started doing karate, and they got better, but they were never good, exactly, and lately it’s been worse. X-rays showed no bone damage, so it isn’t that. The ortho told me that the next step would be either physical therapy — which seemed pointless, given that I do karate several times a week, so it probably won’t help much — or an MRI to see what that tells us.

I obviously chose the MRI. It’s my first, and everyone’s telling me that it’s loud and claustrophobic and full of clanking, so there’s that to look forward to……

Friday I get to see a urologist, a direct result of being a male in his 50s. Happy joy.

Wrenn and I have been rewatching Stargate Atlantis, watching a wonderful New Zealand cop show The Brokenwood Mysteries (it’s pretty much a Kiwi Columbo), enjoying the new half-season of Lucifer, and last night we watched the delightful film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s play In the Heights. I plan to review Brokenwood, Lucifer, and In the Heights on Patreon this month.

How’s your week going?

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