Turning the Tied three-day author event!

To promote the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers’ charity anthology Turning the Tied, a bunch of the contributors are doing a free three-day live Zoom event this coming week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8pm Eastern time each night. Here’s the link to sign up for it.

We’ll be talking about the nifty characters we wrote about — Sherlock Holmes! Ayesha! Frankenstein’s monster! Sinbad! Dracula! Hopalong Cassidy! — and the anthology itself and how much we love writing these characters.

I’ll be part of Tuesday’s gaggle, alongside moderator/co-editor Robert Greenberger (who wrote a story featuring Dr. Nikola), Yvonne Navarro (Frida Kahlo), Weston Ochse (Octobriana), Steven Paul Leiva (Cyrano de Bergerac & Baron von Munchausen), Jennifer Brozek (the cats of Ulthar), and David Boop (Kit Carson & Allan Quatermain).

Wednesday will feature moderator/co-editor Jean Rabe (the Ghost of Christmas Past), Aaron Rosenberg (Sinbad the Sailor), Will McDermott (Baldur), Nancy Holder (Frankenstein’s monster), Jonathan Maberry (John Carter of Mars), Stephen D. Sullivan (Dracula), and Tim Waggoner (Herne the Hunter).

And then Thursday will have moderator D.J. Stevenson, Rigel Ailur (Hua Mulan), Greg Cox (Mina Harker), Kelli Fitzpatrick (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), Scott Pearson (The Time Machine), Ben H. Rome (War of the Worlds), Robert Vardeman (Space Patrol), Derek Tyler Attico (Sherlock Holmes).

Go register here!

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