Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Unimatrix Zero”

The sixth season comes to an end with yet another Borg episode, this one creating an interesting notion for a Borg resistance, but also utterly failing to maintain the concept that the Borg are, y’know, scary. Or menacing. Or even hard to defeat. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch travels to “Unimatrix Zero.”

An excerpt:

In much the same way that, over time, the producers of DS9 took everything that was interesting and alien about the beings who lived in the Bajoran wormhole and made them trite and boring, so too with Voyager’s producers and the Borg. The “ultimate user” species that Q described as utterly uninterested in the nuances of human behavior or communication but only was interested in technology they can consume has turned instead into a mustache-twirling villain who taunts her arch-nemesis and gives monologues and isn’t actually dangerous to attack.

There’s no sense of menace here. The Borg Queen, introduced as a haunting, scary ghost in the machine in First Contact, has turned into an ineffectual villain helplessly trying to keep her drones under control and stymied by the machinations of Janeway and her crew. Susanna Thompson does the best she can, but the script does her no favors, stopping just barely short of having her shake her fist and saying, “Curses, foiled again!”

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