Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “Strange Energies”

Lower Decks is back and it’s funny! Which is good! But Mariner is still awful! Which is less good! And Ransom’s giant disembodied head bites the Cerritos! Which is awesome! My review of the second-season premiere of the animated series, “Strange Energies.”

An excerpt:

Honestly, my issue isn’t so much that Mariner kicked Ransom repeatedly in the nether regions in and of itself, it’s that nobody in the cast is allowed to solve this week’s problem except Mariner, and it’s growing tiresome. I was genuinely thrilled at Freeman’s solution of curing Ransom with fulsome praise and feeding his ego, which manages both to be funny and also track with Star Trek’s trademark compassion over violence: a solution that involves sitting down and talking instead of shooting Ransom’s disembodied head. Of course, (say it with me now) this being Lower Decks, it’s feeding Ransom’s already-huge ego, but still. However, that can’t work because it’s not Mariner’s solution. Instead, we have to resort to nut-kicking.

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