Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Inside Man”

It’s two, two, two Reginald Barclays for the price of one — and one of them is not what he appears to be…. Plus we get Troi, Owen Paris, Ferengi, Pete Harkins, a dabo girl, and the EMH in golfing attire. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch has an “Inside Man.”

An excerpt:

Unlike the last time the Ferengi were used on Voyager, this is actually a decent use of them, with Ferengi vet Frank Corsentino leading the trio of greedheads. This is a return to the villainous Ferengi of early TNG rather than the more nuanced portrayal we got on DS9, and these Ferengi are willing to murder the entire crew complement to get Seven’s nanoprobes, but I’m okay with it. The threat is legit, and this is one case where Voyager trusting the bad guy makes sense, because it’s Barclay for cryin’ out loud! This is the guy who busted his ass to get the Alpha Quadrant in touch with Voyager in the first place, and someone whom the EMH actually got to know during his one-month journey in “Life Line.”

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