Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Nightingale”

Kim gets a temporary command, and it goes pretty terribly, all things considered. But it’s okay, because he gets sage advice on how to command a starship from — Seven of Nine? O-o-o-o-okay. Meanwhile, Icheb is a dopey teenager, and Ron Glass is utterly wasted in a guest role. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch slogs through “Nightingale.”

An excerpt:

To make matters worse, Kim’s story is sabotaged by the need to make Seven be important as often as humanly possible, so we have the bizarreness of the one person in the main cast who knows even less about how to be a commanding officer than Kim lecturing Kim on what he’s doing wrong. Not that she’s saying anything useful, she’s just taking up a contrary position to whatever it is Kim is doing so she can berate him and pretend to know what she’s talking about so he can then pretend to learn something and be better at his job. Bleah.

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