Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “Mugato, Gumato”

Belatedly posting this from last week….

We’ve got the return of the mugato (or is it gumato?) from the original series’ “A Private Little War,” which is cool, we’ve got the return of the Ferengi whip weapons from TNG‘s “The Last Outpost,” which is okay, I guess, and we’ve got the return of “anbo-jytsu” from TNG‘s “The Icarus Factor,” which is just inexcusable. My take on the Lower Decks episode “Mugato, Gumato.”

An excerpt:

The B-plot with Tendi amuses the heck out of me, because one of the hoariest clichés in the book is the people who refuse to go for their physical. This is especially ridiculous in the world of Star Trek, where the physical mostly consists of a medical professional non-invasively examining you with a tricorder for a few seconds. And yet, lots of incredibly lazy writers use the character-refuses-to-go-for-a-physical as a spectacularly lame plot device. (Astute readers might be aware that your humble reviewer used this very same plot device in his 2007 TNG novel Q & A, wherein the Enterprise-E’s new chief of security keeps putting off his physical. Guilty as charged.)

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