Star Trek: Lower Decks’s ”The Spy Humongous”

Freeman negotiates with Pakleds! Boimler is recruited into a snooty clique of command-track officers! Tendi, Rutherford, and Mariner get Anomaly Consolidation Detail, which gets Rutherford turned into a blob, Mariner swallowed by a gelatinous mass, and Tendi turned into a scorpion! And Ransom and Kayshon lose a Pakled, who manages to outdumb them. My take on the latest Star Trek: Lower Decks episode, ”The Spy Humongous.”

An excerpt:

This is the sort of thing that’s most fun about Lower Decks. Things like this and second contact show the parts we never get to see on the mainline shows: what happens next. The drudge work, the cleanup, the paperwork, and all that stuff that is too mundane for a one-hour show about people having adventures. (It’s also why cop shows rarely show them doing paperwork, which is actually about 85% of their job.)

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