Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “I, Excretus”

It’s Boxing Day on the Cerritos! Freeman, Ransom, Shaxs, and T’Ana become lower-decks ensigns and Mariner, Boimler, Tendi, and Rutherford get to be in charge — and much wackiness ensues. As do many many references to past episodes and movies, but it actually works this time! My take on the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “I, Excretus.”

An excerpt:

The first half of the episode is dedicated to showing how bad almost everyone is at the other side’s jobs. Freeman, Ransom, Shaxs, and T’Ana are assigned to a ship under attack by a Klingon boarding party. Their job: Stack the crates in the cargo bay that have fallen over during the attack. The crates are hexagonal, too, so they’re very hard to stack and they very easily fall down. At no point are they ever told the specifics of what’s going on—including one point where they find out, in passing, that Q is on board. (Their CO is now dressed like Robin Hood, a reference to TNG‘s “Qpid.”)

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