Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “First First Contact”

The second season finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks has Captain Sonya Gomez! Captain Freeman Day! Tendi fearing for her career! Rutherford having a malfunction! Boimler saving the day! Mariner being a pain in the ass! Cetacean Ops! And a big-ass technobabble problem with a bigger-ass technobabble solution! My review of “First First Contact.”

An excerpt:

However, my favorite part of this episode is when they go to Cetacean Ops. Established as part of the Enterprise-D in, among other places, the Enterprise-D blueprints by Rick Sternbach, it was never seen on screen mainly for budgetary reasons. It’s staffed a couple of dolphins, who help with navigation. After decades of wishing we could see it, Lower Decks (which already mentioned Cetacean Ops twice) finally shows it to us, and also gives me my two new favorite Starfleet characters, the dolphins Kimolu and Matt. These two are hilarious (they keep wanting everyone to join them for a swim, especially Rutherford and his broad shoulders, and they provided most of the funniest lines in the episode).

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