introducing the Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch!

It’s officially official! Starting next week, I’ll be doing a weekly rewatch of the fourth Star Trek spinoff, Enterprise, which debuted twenty years ago. Archer furrowing his brow! T’Pol being logical! Tucker urging people to keep their shirts on! Phlox being awesome! Mayweather being underused! And Porthos being the bestest pupper!

An excerpt from the intro:

After moving away from the square-jawed-white-guy template for the spinoffs, we get in Scott Bakula’s Jonathan Archer a stereotypical manly hero type, having gone for the middle-aged cerebral captain in TNG, a man of color in DS9, and a woman in Voyager. (Having said that, Bakula was the same age when Enterprise debuted in 2001 that Sir Patrick Stewart was when TNG debuted in 1987, but Stewart was playing much older than Bakula was.)

Most distressingly for the franchise, Enterprise was also the first (and so far only) one of the Trek spinoffs to fail in the marketplace. Its three predecessors all ended on their own terms after seven seasons, and the five ongoing series that have been produced since are all still in production. Enterprise was ended by UPN after four seasons, and that cancellation in 2005 concluded an era of Trek on television that started with TNG in 1987 and wouldn’t come back until Discovery‘s debut in 2017.

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