my Philcon schedule

I will be one of the author guests at Philcon 2021 the weekend of 19-21 November. Held once again at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Philcon is a venerable, if now very small, convention, but it’s usually a fun weekend, and it’ll be good to see several old friends we haven’t seen in far too long…

I am also doing some programming:


7pm: “Revisiting Stargate,” w/Anastasia Klimchynskaya, Lawrence Kramer, Valerie J. Mikles, and Richard Stout (Plaza 5)

8pm: “How to Finish a Novel,” w/Barna William Donovan, Gregory Frost, T.J. Glenn, and Gordon Linzner (Plaza 2)


1pm: “Frankenstein Turns 200…Again,” w/Anastasia Klimchynskaya, Darrell Schweitzer, Hildy Silverman, and Richard Stout (Plaza 3)

5pm: “From Gaming Into Fiction,” w/Eric Avedissian, Stephanie Burke, Victoria Rogers, and Michael A. Ventrella (Plaza 4)


12pm: reading (Reading Room)

2pm: autographing (Autograph Table outside ballrooms)

Hope to see folks there!

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