Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Broken Bow”

We’re introduced to the NX-01, the first starship called Enterprise, captained by Sam Beckett– er, that is, Dwayne Pride– er, that is Jonathan Archer, played with incredible blandness by Scott Bakula. The good news is, some good characters, great production values, mostly fine acting, especially from John Billingsley, and a beagle! The bad news is, too many boring white people, too many cheap titillations, too much looking backwards, and a really dopey time-travel plot that won’t get any better. The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch kicks off with “Broken Bow.”

An excerpt:

Indeed, the show is trying a little too hard to capture an original series feel. The dynamic among Archer, Tucker, and T’Pol is so aggressively attempting to ape the Kirk-Spock-McCoy banter it’s almost painful to watch. And, since T’Pol is played by an attractive woman, we get the added “bonus” of focusing on how hawt she is in the decon scene. Yes, Connor Trinneer’s manly manly chest gets some attention, but the camera lingers quite a bit longer on Jolene Blalock’s torso and chest. This is exacerbated by the gratuitous Archer-Sarin kiss (which they very carefully only allow to happen when Sarin looks like Melinda Clarke instead of Clarke covered in pock-marked makeup and greenish skin) and the scantily clad butterfly dancers of Rigel X.

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