Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Kobayashi Maru”

We get some familiar faces (more Oded Fehr! more Bill Irwin! Blu del Barrio now in the opening credits!), some new faces (a Federation President! and she’s not a dude!), a diplomatic mission gone horribly wrong at least in part because of the cat, and a rescue mission, plus an interesting conversation about insane risks and plot armor. My review of the Star Trek: Discovery fourth-season premiere, “Kobayashi Maru.”

An excerpt:

It’s an interesting conversation the two of them have, with Burnham on the side of no-person-left-behind that most TV show characters follow, and Rillak with the much more practical and realistic notion that you can’t possibly save everyone. It almost feels like a TV Tropes discussion: Burnham will take the crazy-ass risks because she still remembers being “abandoned” by her parents when the Klingons attacked, and she always makes it because she’s the star of a television show. Rillak quite rightly points out that that kind of luck doesn’t always hold out.

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