Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Fight or Flight”

The crew is bored, and so is the viewer. Sato goes through an agonizing foregone conclusion, the crew is hugely irresponsible regarding an alien life form they bring on board and don’t know what to do with, and a first contact turns out incredibly uninterestingly. The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch slogs through “Fight or Flight.”

An excerpt:

Speaking of lazy, we have Sato’s plotline, which has a completely foregone conclusion by virtue of Linda Park’s place in the opening credits. I do like how Park plays it: one of her talents as an actor is showing her emotions via body language, whether her tense apprehension while asking Archer for new quarters, her slump-shouldered depression after the first away mission, her sad frustration at Sluggo’s declining health and at her inability to communicate with the Axanar—and, most notably, her very obviously feigned confidence-boosting posture when talking directly to the Axanar.

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