Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Anomaly”

Actions having consequences — who’da thunk it? We get forward movement on the season arc but also see how the characters deal with loss, from Book’s response to his homeworld’s destruction to Tilly’s reaction to the deaths she was present for last week to Stamets’s trauma from the events of the end of last season. And Saru’s back, which is good, as first officer, which is bad. My review of Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Anomaly.”

An excerpt:

“Anomaly” is chock full of consequences, and while the most impressive one is what is suffered by Book, I want to take a moment to talk about how very brilliantly we saw Tilly and Adira being affected by the death of Commander Nalas last week. Nalas is exactly the kind of guest character whose death moves the plot along but who is generally forgotten, often before the episode is even over much less beyond it. So it’s incredibly heartening to see that Nalas’ manipulative death was manipulating us for a reason. Tilly is having trouble processing it, and her conversations with both Saru and Culber are strong examinations of Tilly’s trauma at watching him die after trying to rescue him.

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