Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Strange New World”

Enterprise explores a Class-M planet, Porthos pees on a tree, and the survey team goes camping. Archer doesn’t listen to T’Pol, and because of that, the survey team goes binky-bonkers and nearly dies. The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch visits a “Strange New World.”

An excerpt:

Basically, the only reason anything bad happens in this episode is because Archer doesn’t listen to T’Pol. He’s impatient, he’s stupid, he’s moronic, he’s imbecilic, and what’s especially frustrating is that nobody actually points this out after T’Pol’s initial objection. The episode should have ended with Archer apologizing to every single person on that survey team, especially T’Pol (whose good advice he disregarded in a snotty and mean-spirited manner) and Novakovich (who nearly died).

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