4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Black Widow

It’s too little too late in so many ways, but Scarlett Johansson finally gets the spotlight she deserved, a decade after she debuted her version of Natasha Romanoff. Appropriately, her solo film is a spy thriller, with great performances not just by her, but by Florence Pugh and David Harbour as her fake sister and fake father. The great superhero movie rewatch kicks off its year-end revival with Black Widow.

An excerpt:

The movie is tremendous fun, with the fast pace that you expect from a Marvel movie, but also with the strong, honest characterizations. Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh make a superlative double act, and their banter carries the movie. They talk like siblings, and Belova’s pointed commentary on Romanoff’s second life as a hero lands beautifully, as does Romanoff responding the same way she always does: not by talking about it, but by anteing up and kicking in and doing what’s right. The best, of course, is Belova teasing Romanoff about her “superhero landing” pose, which she’s used in pretty much every appearance going back to Iron Man 2, and it’s hilarious, particularly when Belova herself tries the pose. (“That was disgusting…”)

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