happy book birthday to Devilish and Divine!

Today is the official on-sale date for Devilish and Divine. Originally titled Horns and Halos, this anthology, which was successfully Kickstarted last year with several other eSpec Books titles, features stories of angels and demons by a nifty lineup, including:

  • Danielle Ackley-McPhail (who co-edited the anthology)
  • Michael A. Black
  • Christopher J. Burke
  • James Chambers
  • Russ Colchamiro
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido (hey, that’s me!)
  • John L. French (who co-edited the anthology)
  • John G. Hartness
  • Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg
  • Hildy Silverman
  • Michelle D. Sonnier
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Robert E. Waters

My story, “Unguarded,” takes place in the same urban fantasy universe as the novels A Furnace Sealed, All-the-Way House, and the forthcoming Feat of Clay and the short stories “Under the King’s Bridge” and “Materfamilias.” Like the latter story, which was in 2020’s Bad Ass Moms, “Unguarded” features Yolanda Rodriguez, a Courser who works in upper Manhattan, aided by her two teenage daughters. In this case, one of her daughter’s classmates is having an epic run of bad luck, and there may be a supernatural component. It’s a story of guardian angels from two different faiths.

The book is on sale from all the usual online book dealers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble (trade paperback or Nook), Kobo, Indie Bound, and directly from eSpec.

2 thoughts on “happy book birthday to Devilish and Divine!

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