Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Choose to Live”

The Qowat Milat are back, including Burnham’s Mom (yay, Sonja Sohn!), as one of their nuns has been stealing dilithium, and also murdered a Starfleet officer. Stamets and Book visit Ni’Var’s Science Council, under the auspices of President T’Rina (yay, Tara Rosling!). Plus Tilly deals with her issues and Gray finally gets a body! My take on Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Choose to Live.”

An excerpt:

Rillak remands Jvini to Ni’Var’s custody. Neither Burnham nor Vance are particularly happy with this—Fehr’s body language especially makes his displeasure clear—and after Jvini is taken away, Burnham calls Rillak out.

I love every nanosecond of this scene, mainly because contrary to the clichés of television in general (and Star Trek in particular), it isn’t a case of the admiral and the politician being assholes and our hero being the only decent person. Burnham is correct in that there should be justice for the Credence first officer, especially for his partner and children. But when she mentions those family members, Rillak makes it clear that she knows he has a family, identifying the children by name before Burnham can. (She likely sent them a condolence call.) But she has to think of the greater good, and turning the Ni’Var citizen over to Ni’Var for justice will do the most good, especially if Ni’Var is to join the Federation. T’Rina comes out directly and says early in the episode that Ni’Var is working toward that goal, and they’re too valuable a world to lose.

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