Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Terra Nova”

The Enterprise travels to the lost colony of Terra Nova to find out what happened to it after seventy years of silence. The end result is surprisingly not interesting in the least, even with the talents of guest actors Erick Avari and Mary Carver. The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch travels to “Terra Nova.”

An excerpt:

Plus, if this is such a big mystery, one that Earth has been wondering about for seven decades, why wasn’t it the first place Enterprise set course for once they dropped Klaang off on Kronos? Even if it was still several weeks away, why wasn’t it their first intended destination? They still could’ve stopped off at the various other spots on the way, but this should’ve been a priority…

Also the fact that Earth didn’t ask the Vulcans to check out Terra Nova makes nothing like sense, even taking into account that Enterprise is determined to show us that the humans of the twenty-second century are whiny, smug, arrogant morons who generally act like six-year-olds. To make matters worse, the old communications from the colony specifically mention the idea of the Vulcans being sent to help them when the asteroid hits.

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