Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Stormy Weather”

Discovery investigates a subspace rift left behind by the DMA and things go horribly wrong. Zora is developing sentience at a really inconvenient time. And Book was already not doing well before he started hallucinating his dead father. I don’t know why there ain’t no sun up in the sky in my review of Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Stormy Weather.”

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An excerpt:

It’s been fascinating watching as the show slowly works things toward the 2018 Short Treks episode “Calypso,” an episode whose time frame has to be completely rethought in light of the events of the show since it aired. (It was assumed to be taking place in the thirty-third century, a thousand years after the present-day of the show when it aired, but now the show’s “present” is the thirty-second century. So now maybe “Calypso” takes place in the forty-second century?) First the computer gets the Sphere Data, then she takes on the name and personality that Annabelle Willis gave the computer in “Calypso,” and now we’re seeing her show the emotions that she displayed when bonding with Craft.

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