I never could get the hang of Thursdays

For a guy who works from home, I haven’t been home much this week. On both Monday and Tuesday I got to play chauffeur for my mother, who had various and sundry doctor’s appointments in Manhattan. These involved me dropping her off, parking the car in a lot, and then finding somewhere to sit and work on my laptop until she was done. Monday it was at Rocky’s, a fantastic pizza place on 2nd Avenue and 33rd Street; Tuesday it was at Variety Coffee Roasters on 7th Avenue and 25th Street. (Variety’s coffee is a little too bitter for my tastes, but their cookies are yummy…) Still got lotsa work done, though I also spent a certain amount of time driving in NYC traffic, fun fun fun.

And then there was the frustration of reserving parking in a lot that turns out to be full. I generally use the Best Parking app to reserve lot space when I drive into Manhattan. But when I arrived at the garage that I’d reserved the spot for, there was a sign saying the lot was completely full. The good news is that I called BP and they refunded my money right away. The bad news was, I wound up parking in another garage that was more expensive. Le sigh.

These were both pretty much all-day things, which meant I wasn’t home much during the day, and then I had karate Monday night and on Tuesday we had dinner with our dear friends Rebecca and Patrick (who are moving to eastern Pennsylvania, foregoing their Manhattan apartment for a spacious home with land).

Wednesday I spent some of the day home, but I also had to do some laundry, as all my karate stuff was dirty and I needed something to wear to teach my afterschool thing, which takes up most of Wednesday afternoon. I also had to write up this week’s Discovery (which will go live on Tor.com later today).

Let me state for the record that I love where we live. It’s a great space, it’s right down the street from my parents (this is important, as all four of them are in their seventies and only one of them can drive, so I’m often needed for chauffeur duties like what I did for my mother earlier this week), it’s got tons of closet space, it’s really magnificent in so many ways — plus we can afford it on two freelancers’ incomes.

But it has two flaws: no dishwasher, and no laundry facilities that we can use. Which means laundry has to be done at a (very good, mind you) laundromat down the street. For my karate stuff, it means I have to wait until all four of my gis and my fighting gear is all dirty before it’s cost-effective to do a whole load. (I don’t want to spend three bucks in quarters on just one gi…)

In related news, today I have to do laundry. Le sigh once again.

One bit of good news is that we may soon be paying rent on one freelancer’s income and one full-time permanent salaried employee’s income. Wrenn is currently working a job in Manhattan, but it’s a five-month gig that will go away by the end of April. How-some-ever, she has an interview for an actual full-time position on Tuesday — one that’s full-time remote, too, so she will still be working from home, and which will pay quite handsomely, and would solve a lot of our financial-security issues. So please, send your happy thoughts in her direction come Tuesday.

Now to put some laundry in and get some damn writing done……………………….

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