conventions in April!

I’m gonna be at two shows in April 2022!

From 8-10 April I’ll be at Fan Expo Philadelphia at the Bard’s Tower booth, alongside fellow word-slingers Claudia Gray, Dan Wells, and Brian Anderson, comics creators Wendy & Richard Pini, and actor Carlos Ferro.

The following weekend, 15-17 April (Tax Day weekend, and also the weekend prior to my 53rd birthday), I’ll be at the Indiana Comic Convention in Indianapolis, also at the Bard’s Tower booth, alongside authors John Jackson Miller, Gama Ray Martinez, and Rick Heinz, as well as that Ferro fellow.

At both of the above, I might be doing some panels, too, but most of the time I’ll be at the Tower selling and signing my books.

Watch this space for some further announcements, as I’ve got three Author Guest of Honor gigs this year, and two other cons that are confirmed…..

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