Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Detained”

It’s a Quantum Leap reunion, as Scott Bakula is rejoined with his 1980s co-star Dean Stockwell, with the latter playing a prison warden in which Bakula’s Archer is imprisoned, along with Mayweather. The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch gets “Detained.”

An excerpt:

And, of course, Stockwell is never not wonderful. (Amusingly, I’ve been watching old episodes of Columbo on Peacock, and Stockwell appeared on a couple of episodes as a young man—I almost didn’t recognize him…) I love how Grat starts out reasonable, seeming like a bureaucrat who’s just doing his job, but with each scene he’s in, the fanaticism comes out, culminating in his ends-justify-the-means nonsense about how they’re “protecting” the Suliban by imprisoning them without due process. I particularly like the exchange where Grat insists that the Suliban are desperate and have nothing left and won’t be able to resist what the Cabal offers. Leaving aside the obvious—they only have nothing left and are desperate because Grat and his ilk threw them in jail because of what species they happen to be—Archer’s response is beautiful: “I haven’t been here very long, but I seem to know these people a helluva lot better than you do.”

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