convention update: three Guest of Honor gigs, plus two old standbys

As I prepare to fly to Indianapolis for Indiana Comic Convention, I can also formally announce five more conventions I’m doing later this year, including three Guest of Honor gigs!

I will be returning to Indianapolis in July as Author Guest of Honor for InConJunction XLI! This will be my second time as Author GoH at this Indy con, which will be held from 1-3 July. I was AGoH back in 2010, and also Toastmaster in 2016. Looking forward to returning for a third go-round! I’ll be joined by my old buddy Marc Gunn as Music GoH, as well as Artist GoH Ruth Thompson, Toastmaster Lou Harry, and Special Guests TammyJo Eckhart, PhD, Creepin’ it Burly, and Transylvanian Lip Treatment.

Two weeks after InCon, I will be back at one of my favorite conventions ever, Shore Leave 42! The recent apocalypse forced both the 2020 and 2021 attempts at SL42 to go virtual, but it’ll be in person this year from 15-17 July in Cockeysville, Maryland. I will be one of more than 40 author guests at this great show, and there will also be actors from Star Trek, Lucifer, The Boys, the Arrowverse, Firefly, and more, plus science guests and music guests (the latter including my band Boogie Knights).

Another doubly postponed convention is Bubonicon 53. I was to be one of the GoHs in 2020, but Bubonicon also went virtual the past two years. From 26-28 August, I will finally be in Albuquerque in person, alongside my fellow GoH Rae Carson, Guest Artist Chaz Kemp, Toastmaster A. Lee Martinez, and a Science Speaker TBA.

I am officially returning to Dragon Con in 2022 as an author guest. It’s always a grand ol’ time at DC, and I’m sure this year, which will be in Atlanta from 1-5 September (Labor Day weekend, as ever), will be just as grand. Expect me to do my usual practical self-defense workshop, some time at Bard’s Tower, and a ton of stuff on various tracks, particularly the American Sci-Fi Classics Track

Finally, I will be the Principal Speaker at Philcon 2022 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey from 18-20 November. I’ve been attending Philcon since 1991, and it’s always been a favorite. In fact, the very first convention I attended as a professional in the SF/F field was Philcon in 1993, as I had just started my job as an associate editor at Byron Preiss. (Prior to that, I’d attended cons either as a fan or as press as part of The Chronic Rift.) It’s a thrill to be the Principal Speaker at this venerable con that dates back to 1936.

These are far from the only shows I’ll be doing this year — I plan to be joining Bard’s Tower for a bunch more shows, for one thing — so keep watching this space.

All of the above is contingent on the apocalypse continuing to subside. I’m continuing to be masked in public, and if things get worse again, I may find myself forced to pull out of some in-person conventions, depending on their policies (as I had to do earlier this year when Omicron was ascendant). We shall see.

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