another successful trip ’round the sun

I spent my 53rd birthday in two different states, as well as on a plane. It started waking up in Indianapolis when it was snowing, and ended with me driving from Manhattan to the Bronx in a monsoon. In between, I had dinner with my parents, took a karate class, and drove Wrenn home from work at close to midnight.

My trip to Indianapolis for Indiana Comic Convention and Wrenn’s job (which ends fully on Wednesday) means we put off the proper birthday festivizing until Thursday, when the family will have lunch at Portofino on City Island. In the meantime, however, ToniAnn gave me the “IT’S MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY” sash to wear this morning, seen in the picture above. I wore it proudly and happily.

My presents so far have included a Cameo video from Garrett Wang, thanks to Meredith and Sas, a Green Hornet and Kato Funko Pop set, thanks to ToniAnn, a fun night out at the Patron Saint Club in Indianapolis Saturday night, thanks to Carlos Ferro, and a bajillion birthday greetings publicly on Facebook and Twitter and privately via text, e-mail, and Facebook Messenger.

Happy birthday to me!

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