Star Trek: Picard‘s “Hide and Seek”

We get the entire story of Picard’s childhood trauma, we find out the source of some of Seven’s adult trauma, and the Borg Queen undergoes a sea change. My review of the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Picard‘s sophomore season, “Hide and Seek.”

An excerpt:

Probably the biggest recurring theme this season has been characters making a speech that changes someone’s life and outlook—and those speeches also not convincing me in the slightest. First we had Picard unconvincingly getting Renee not to back out of the Europa mission. Then we had Picard even less convincingly getting Agent Wells to stop being suspicious of aliens invading Earth by telling him that the aliens he encountered as a youth tried to erase his memories without his consent. And now we have Jurati convincing the Borg Queen to be a kinder, gentler assimilator, to only absorb cultures that need help. To be a true collective, one that is cooperative.

One that might even go through a rift in space and ask to join the Federation

Mind you, I love this result. It’s a very Star Trek solution to the Borg, one that opens up all kinds of possibilities. But I just didn’t entirely buy how we got there.

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