Star Trek: Picard‘s “Farewell”

An uneven end to an uneven season, with crowning moments of awesome (a delightful surprise cameo), mind-boggling moments of WTF (the out-of-left- field climax), and everything in between (very little for Jean-Luc Picard to do in the season finale of the show named after him). My review of the Star Trek: Picard second season finale, “Farewell.”

An excerpt:

The last scene is Picard back at his winery trying (and presumably convincing, though she never actually says yes) Laris to not bugger off but stay behind and make sweet nookie-nookie with him. This is worth mentioning for a number of reasons, mainly because it’s the first thing Picard actually does in the second-season finale of the show named after him. He spends plenty of time being lectured at, mind you. First there’s Tallinn, reminding him that she is a grownup who can make her own decisions about how she’s going to live her life and do her job, and won’t be talked out of a self-sacrifice by some old fart from the future that she’s only known for a couple days. Then there’s Q, explaining his motivations and declaring his love for Picard (which will probably prompt at least as many Picard-Q slashfics as the scene with the two of them in bed in TNG‘s “Tapestry” did). And then there’s Guinan doing the “where are they now?” coda for Rios, et al.

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