Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘s “Spock Amok”

It’s the down-time-after-a-big-battle episode! M’Benga goes fly-fishing in a silly hat. Chapel’s date goes a bit awry. Pike faces a diplomatic crisis. Number One and La’An play Enterprise Bingo. And Spock and T’Pring have body-swapping hijinks! My review of “Spock Amok,” the latest Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

An excerpt:

The episode opens with a dream sequence where Spock finds himself in the wedding arena that we first saw in “Amok Time,” preparing to wed T’Pring, but what seems like a rehash of “Amok Time” instead turns into a rehash of Superman III, as Spock suddenly becomes human, and T’Pring invokes kal-if-fee. She chooses the Vulcan Spock as her champion, and so human Spock fights Vulcan Spock with lirpas. First of all, they do an amazing job re-creating the set from 1967, and then, bless her pointy little head, Nami Melumad also re-created the iconic fight music from the episode for the score, and it is glorious. (Da-da da da da da da da-da DA DA!)

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