buy an eBook and help pooches!

Ludlow Charlington’s Coffee House in Chicago has a nifty decorative feature: eleven ornate portraits of contemporary dogs dressed in historical costumes.

Editor Tina L. Jens has put together a nifty charity anthology, Ludlow Charlington’s Doghouse, which goes on sale today, in which nineteen writers — including me! — have taken one of those eleven portraits and built a story, poem, drabble, or play around it. All proceeds from this anthology go to benefit Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

For my part, I wrote a drabble, based on the pooch in the image below, called “History Lesson for Royal Puppies in the Castle Portrait Gallery.”

The full author list includes:

  • Alexandria Baisden
  • Sue Burke
  • C.B. Channell
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • Jaym Gates
  • Tazmania Hayward
  • K. M. Herkes
  • Rhys Hughes
  • Joe Janes
  • Tina L. Jens
  • Lauren A. R. Masterson
  • Charissa Menefee
  • Beth W. Patterson
  • Steven H Silver
  • Jeffrey Thomas
  • Scott Thomas
  • J9 Vaughn
  • Sean Margaret Wagner
  • John Weagly

So buy a doggone good book and do some good for dogs!

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