Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘s “The Elysian Kingdom”

It’s the inevitable everyone-acts-out-of-character episode, as the crew is transitioned into a fantasyland based on the book that M’Benga reads to his daughter. See Spock as a wizard! Pike as a coward! La’An as a prissy princess! Number One as a badass! (Okay, that’s less out of character…) My review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘s “The Elysian Kingdom.”

An excerpt:

Most of the episode is an excuse for the LARPing, but eventually, the real plot kicks in, and what prompts it is my favorite thing in the episode. What makes M’Benga realize that this isn’t just a re-creation of The Elysian Kingdom is when Zymera and Sir Adya hug, and make it clear that they’ve been lovers. In the book, Zymera and Adya have never even met. But Rukiya thinks they should be friends and lovers, and yes, the whole thing is Rukiya’s fanfic that she wrote in her head, and I adore the heck out of that.

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