preorder link and table of contents for Zorro’s Exploits

Bold Venture Press has put up an ordering page for Zorro’s Exploits, the new anthology of stories featuring Johnston McCulley’s swashbuckling creation. Editor Audrey Parente has also revealed the full table of contents:

  • introductions by Audrey Parente, Jan Zbicinski, and Bill Cotter
  • “The Alcalde’s Last Try” by Tekla Cichocka
  • “Courage by Firelight” by Aaron Rosenberg
  • “Fray Felipe’s Dilemma” by Michael Kurland
  • “A Fox in the City” by Jim Beard
  • “Out of the Night” by John L. French
  • “The Shepherd” by Susan Kite
  • “Life and Death” by Scott Cranford
  • “Fox Hunt” by Bobby Nash
  • “Los Hombres Buenos” by Patricia Crumpler
  • “M for Murrieta” by Francisco Silva
  • “The Road to Penance” by Ron Fortier
  • “Zorro and the Red Devil” by Teel James Glenn
  • “The Gold Bell of Canfield Featherstone” by James Mullaney
  • “A Lovely View” by Keith R.A. DeCandido (that’s me!)
  • “A Wolf in the Land” by Don Everett Smith Jr.
  • “The Kindness of Strangers” by Patrick Thomas
  • “Z” by Bret Bouriseau

The book officially goes on sale on Thursday….

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