4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Batman

We get another reinterpretation of ol’ Bats, this time a relative newbie played by Robert Pattinson. Better yet, we’ve got a Batman movie that remembers why he debuted in Detective Comics. The great superhero movie rewatch looks at The Batman.

An excerpt:

The acting is stupendous here. Nobody ever went wrong casting Jeffrey Wright in anything, and he just kills it as Gordon. Zoë Kravitz is an extremely worthy addition to the pantheon of great live-action Catwomen alongside Newmar, Meriwether, Kitt, Pfeiffer, Bicondova, and Hathaway. Paul Dano is devastating as the most psychotic iteration of the Riddler yet, Colin Farrell is barely recognizable as he plays the Penguin as a goombah gangster right out of a Scorsese film, and John Turturro practically steals the movie as the sunglasses-wearing Falcone, who just oozes pure nastiness.

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