Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “Grounded”

It’s the third-season premier of Lower Decks! There’s ship-stealing, disobeying superiors, a weird alien encounter, trips to Sisko’s Creole Kitchen and Historic Bozeman, and a last-minute save. Plus bonus James Cromwell! My review of “Grounded.”

An excerpt:

Mariner is, of course, stunned that the system worked, and who would’ve thought that? At which point her father reminds her that he told her that. After all, this is Star Trek, not The Office—we’re still in Gene Roddenberry’s utopian future, and even if it isn’t always as perfect as TNG-era Roddenberry thought it should be, it’s still a place where the Federation does the right thing more often than not. Freeman’s lawyers found proof that the evidence against the captain was faked and it turns out the Pakleds blew up their own planet and framed Freeman, hoping to get the Federation to relocate them to a better planet. It was, says Freeman, a Samaritan snare. (Sigh.) Freeman’s renegade actions were wholly unnecessary, and only undertaken because she refuses to trust anyone but herself.

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