Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “The Least Dangerous Game”

Boimler decides to start saying “yes” to things! Tendi has good advice! Ransom starts tormenting Mariner! Rutherford and Billups are nearly sacrificed to a volcano god by a telepathic baby and a sentient computer! More Kimolu and Matt! And J.G. Hertzler is back as Martok — kinda. My review of the latest Star Trek: Lower Decks episode, “The Least Dangerous Game.”

An excerpt:

They arrive in the nick of time, as the Dulanians, as ordered by their co-leaders, a telepathic baby and a sentient computer, are about to sacrifice the engineers to their volcano god. (Mariner’s comment: “Wow, psychic baby, evil computer, and a volcano? You guys never heard of overkill?”) But Ransom saves the day by ripping his shirt off and showing off his washboard abs to the Dulanians—who, as previously established, are wellness-based.

I’m enjoying the hell out of Ransom fulfilling the stereotype of the white-guy leading man action-hero-type, embodying the worst aspects of Kirk, Riker, Paris, and Archer and turning them up to eleven. Him saving the day with his mighty mighty pecs is just perfect.

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