Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “Mining the Mind’s Mines”

An away mission goes horribly wrong — so what else is new? Plus Tendi starts her bridge officer training and we see ensigns from Cerritos and Carlsbad face their greatest desires — and fears! My review of the very alliteratively titled new episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, “Mining the Mind’s Mines.”

An excerpt:

One of my least favorite tropes of Trek, particularly some of its older tie-in fiction, is the tiresome notion that the Enterprise did all the cool stuff. No other ship had as many talented people on board, nobody else in Starfleet did the weird-ass missions, no other ship had as great a captain as Kirk, as fantastic a science officer as Spock, as talented an engineer as Scotty, as magnificent a pilot as Sulu, etc., etc. TNG didn’t really do anything to change that, just extended it to the twenty-fourth century. The debut of Deep Space Nine and further spinoffs finally succeeded in steering the franchise away from that nonsense, with Station Deep Space 9 as well as the starships DefiantVoyager, Discovery, Cerritos, Protostar, and La Sirena all encountering their share of weird-ass shit, too. So I resist the notion that the Cerritos crew is special. Indeed, the very notion contravenes what makes LD such a fun show in the first place—that this craziness is actually pretty mundane in Starfleet generally.

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