irons in the fire update

Lots of stuff on the ol’ plate…….

Precinct series. Current thing I’m doing is Phoenix Precinct, the sixth novel in the series. I’m in the throes of that, and should have it done by month’s end. I’m really enjoying being back in Cliff’s End, too. This novel will be crowdfunded, along with Yeti Left Home by Aaron Rosenberg and Esprit de Corpse by Ef Deal, by eSpec Books very shortly.

Tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet. I’m almost set with Ragnarok and a Hard Place: More Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet. I still have to finish writing “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” which will be the only story in the collection that won’t have appeared elsewhere first. It’s already outlined. Once that’s done, I’ll shoot the manuscript to Plus One Press, and it will be published! Huzzah!

Bram Gold. I’m (sigh) still halfway through Feat of Clay. One of these days, I’ll write the second half, and then WordFire Press will publish it. Sigh again. I also plan to do another Systema Paradoxa book, this time focusing on the Beast of Sherman, which will take place in this universe, possibly with Bram, possibly with one of the other Coursers…

Star Trek. My RPG collaboration with Fred Love, Incident at Kraav III, has been approved by CBS and should be out some time between now and the end of the year. Meantime, the Enterprise Rewatch continues every Monday — I’m partway through season two — and I’m continuing to review new episodes of Trek as they air — currently in the midst of season three of Lower Decks. I’ve also written a monograph for the Gold Archive series about the Next Generation two-parter “Birthright,” on which I’m awaiting editorial feedback (the editor had some medical issues that have delayed things).

Resident Evil. I have done all my work for the comic book Infinite Darkness: The Beginning, the prequel to the Netflix animated series. Issue #1 should be out this month. The artwork that I’ve seen by Carmelo Zagaria is superb.

Nifty novella thingie. I’m writing a novella that’s part of a series of stories featuring an existing public-domain character. It hasn’t been formally announced yet, so watch this space. The novella has been half-outlined, and is due at the end of January.

Star Hoppers. This is the serialized work-for-hire science fiction novella series I’ve been working on. We don’t have a targeted pub date yet — I’ve written six of the 13 planned novellas in the series (and there will likely be more beyond those 13). Not much to say about it yet, as we’re taking our time with it, but it’s been a very fun project.

Anthology editing. I’m currently editing three (!) different anthologies. There’s The Four ???? of the Apocalypse, which Wrenn and I are editing. I still have to write my story for it, and edit the existing stories. This project has been delayed like whoa, but we should have it ready to go soonish. (Yes, I know I’ve said that before.) I’m co-editing a tie-in anthology that my agent is shopping around to publishers right now — nothing will happen on that until it’s sold. And Jonathan Maberry and I are co-editing an anthology for the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers called Double Trouble: An Anthology of Two-Fisted Team-Ups. I’m also writing a story for this one, featuring Ayesha (a.k.a. She Who Must Be Obeyed, from H. Rider Haggard’s She, whom I already wrote a story with in Turning the Tied last year) and the Yoruba goddess Engungun-oya (who also appeared in A Furnace Sealed). The Kickstarter for that anthology will launch next week.

Collaborations with Dr. Batra. Dr. Munish K. Batra and I wrote the serial-killer novel Animal that came out to much acclaim in 2021. Our second collaboration is a medical thriller that our agent is shopping around to publishers right now. We have a couple of other things we want to do together, and we’re just waiting for a hole in my schedule. We’re also shopping around a graphic novel version of Animal.

Super City Cops. I have a contract to write four novellas in this universe for Falstaff Books. Some day I may even write them.

Nonfiction. Besides the stuff, I’m still doing monthly TV and movie reviews for my Patreon, which you should all go out and support right now, and I’m also writing a piece for a collection of essays on the character of the Joker. Specifically, I’ll be writing about the parallels between the 2019 Joker and the Bernhard Goetz incident here in NYC from 1984.

Short fiction. Besides the aforementioned Cassie Zukav, Four ???? of the Apocalypse, and Ayesha/Engungun-oya stories, I’ve got to write a story for the second Phenomenons shared-world anthology edited by Michael Jan Friedman, Season of Darkness. This story, “This Little Light of Mine,” will also feature Luminosity, and also cross over with stories by Aaron Rosenberg, Mary Fan, Michael A. Burstein, and Dan Hernandez, so we’ll see team-uppish things with Black Hat, Sarcastic Fringehead, Red Sky, and La Colosa y La Particula. In addition, I’ve written a story for the upcoming Joe Ledger: Unbreakable called “Another Dead Body on the Corner,” which focuses on Ledger in his days as a detective for the Baltimore City Police, which is awaiting editorial feedback. And my story “Ticonderoga Beck and the Stalwart Squad” is all ready to go for Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022 (I’ve also written a proposal for a Ticonderoga Beck comic book that is making the rounds). EDITED TO ADD: Forgot to mention a short story that I’ve been invited to write for a nifty thing. I’ve plotted it out, and am now waiting for a deadline.

Alien. I’ve got a proposal called Deadline in with Titan Books that is awaiting the editor’s pleasure.

Mystery series. One of these days I’ll write this mystery series. Dammit.

Science fiction trilogy. I’ve been invited to pitch for a loose shared-world thingie that would entail me writing a science fiction trilogy that would be tremendous fun.

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