Phoenix Precinct (and two other fantasy novels) being crowdfunded now!

The fine folks at eSpec Books are crowdfunding their next three novels, one of which is mine!

Click on the link and please consider supporting three nifty new fantasy novels:

  • Yeti Left Home, a cryptid tale by Aaron Rosenberg
  • Esprit de Corpse, a Parisian steampunk novel by Ef Deal
  • Phoenix Precinct, the latest in the fantasy/police procedure series by Keith R.A. DeCandido

Yup! The latest in the “Precinct” series is being written and crowdfunded even as we speak. In Phoenix Precinct, Lieutenants Danthres Tresyllione and Torin ban Wyvald investigate a hate crime, as a Barlin refugee is found beaten to death. But their investigation uncovers corruption in the Castle Guard — and in the castle itself!

Click here to find out more about the crowdfund, about Phoenix Precinct, and about Aaron and Ef’s books as well….

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