Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Stigma

It’s the world’s clumsiest AIDS/HIV metaphor as the writer/producers retcon the events of “Fusion” in order to make their clumsy metaphor work, and fail on every possible level. The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch suffers a “Stigma.”

An excerpt:

T’Pol’s decision not to report that she was assaulted by Tolaris is one I struggled with both while watching this episode and especially thinking about it afterward. T’Pol’s point is a good one—Tolaris’ act would just be used by people like Oratt as another club to use against the melders—but that also enables Tolaris to get away with what he did, which still, twenty-three episodes later, rankles. And ultimately I keep coming back to this: T’Pol is being punished for having been raped, and that’s reprehensible.

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